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Only eighteen years old, Kara is already among the top students at the Magic Academy of Solyr. Having demonstrated an affinity for glyph magic at an early age, Kara created her first new glyph as an Initiate, accomplishing a task reserved for veteran mages. She intended the glyph to change the color of her eyes, to turn brown to blue. A miscalculation turned them orange, instead, but Kara learned from her mistake and later corrected her glyph design. In recent years, Kara has neglected her studies to focus on a single goal. She must find a glyph to cure her mother’s wasting, terminal disease.
Kara Tanner
Discipline - Glyphbinder
Kara mixes and matches glyphs from all schools as the situation demands. This discipline requires an affinity with all accepted schools of magic, a task not unlike writing eight languages at the same time.
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