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The Ancient Language
The magic of the Five Provinces is built upon a rigid set of rules and instructions that define the fabric of the world: the Ancient language. Legends claim the Five Who Made the World - Ruin, Heat, Life, Earth, and Breath - used this language to sing into being everything from the land to the seas to the sky to the stars. Millennia ago, the Five taught the first peoples of Loess to sing the language, to change the specifics of the world to suit their needs.
Songs of Strife and War
Legends among all peoples of the Five Provinces say that warring tribes soon began to use the Ancient language against each other, filling the world with turmoil and destruction. Despite the resulting tragedies, the Five did not or could not intervene. Not all the great cataclysms were intentional. Destruction could be caused by mispronouncing a word, or singing it in the wrong pitch. The Ancient language was judged beyond the grasp of mortals, and even the best singers never truly mastered it.