“I just saved your life, cowboy. You owe me.”

As a feared and respected bounty hunter, Mackenzie Flores enjoys the finer things in life: a dependable rifle, a clean glass of dirty whisky, and a reputation that leaves her flush with contracts and the freedom to pick and choose her jobs. At least until the Supremacy blows up everything she owns and takes her girlfriend away.

To rescue the woman she loves, all Mackenzie has to do is take down three crime lords, one planet of super soldiers, and a human trafficking base on the moon. Fortunately, she has powered armor and smart bullets. Unfortunately, they’ve all gone missing.

Cover art by Shen Fei (



“You’re sure that thing isn’t going to explode?”

For Hayden Cross, a military investigator in the far future, whether his wife faked her death is the question that is probably going to get him killed. Having lost the only job that kept him sane, he has few resources and fewer leads. Oh, and a sadistic crime lord really wants to kill him.

As he fights through an underworld of fanatical rebels, callous bounty hunters, and corrupt cops, each step takes him closer to the truth about his wife’s fate and the oppressive government he once loyally served. On the way he may even liberate a planet and stop a war … but only if he betrays everyone he loves.

Cover art by Shen Fei (


A World Without Violence – Or Not

When your new employer asks you to investigate the first mass shooting in twelve years, it’s understandable to be nervous. Fortunately, detective-in-training Cowan Soto has a Personal Brain Assistant – a cybernetic implant – that allows him to firewall pesky emotions like worry and guilt, and erase memories of bullet-riddled corpses. Unfortunately, Cowan soon learns his suspect’s PBA is also what allowed a ruthless hacker to puppet her into a shooting rampage.

Guided and mentored by his veteran partner, Jeb Forrester, Cowan must chase this ruthless puppetmaster through a gauntlet of homicidal professional gamers, peddlers of algorithmic orgasms, the Russian mafia, and the board of OneWorld: the monolithic corporate entity that now controls the planet. And as Cowan learns more about the people he’s working for and what their goals might be, it becomes increasingly hard to tell if he’s working for the right side…




Seventeen Stories of Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror

Simulation Disorder collects all of Eric’s short stories published in anthologies or other markets between 2011 and 2016, as well as four prequel stories set in the worlds of Loose Circuit, Supremacy’s Shadow, and Glyphbinder.

As a bonus, this anthology also includes five previously unpublished short stories.

Reprints include:
“The Mumbler”, first published in The Absent Willow Review, by editor Bob Griffon, in 2011.
“Heads No. 1”, first published in The Absent Willow Review, by editor Bob Griffon, in 2011.
“Willow Grove”, first published in Fiction Vortex, by editor Mike Cluff, in 2013.
“Granite and Sand”, first published in The Ways of Magic from Deepwood Publications, by editor James Tallett, in 2014.
“Grieftaker”, first published in Inaccurate Realities Issue 3: Magic, by editors Christa J. Seeley, Sara Eagleson, and Danielle Webster, in 2014.
“Rum’s Daughter”, first published in Fairly Wicked Tales from Angelic Knight Press, by editor Stacey Turner, in 2014 (republished by Ragnarok Publications in 2015).
“Demoneater”, first published in Superhero Monster Hunter by Emby Press, by editors Thom Brannan and Miles Boothe, in 2015.
“Back Taxes”, first published in Space Squid, by editor David Chang, in 2016.

Prequel Stories Include:
“Adversarial Negotiations” (Science Fiction) – A Loose Circuit Prequel
“The Simworld Scripting Derby” (Science Fiction) – A Loose Circuit Prequel
“Protégé” (Science Fiction) – A Supremacy’s Shadow Prequel
“Firesworn” (Fantasy) – A Glyphbinder Prequel

New Stories Include:
The Book of Codes (Science Fiction)
Jinny’s Finest (Horror)
Hunted (Fantasy)
Stones of Frog Lake (Fantasy)
Soul of Fire (Fantasy)



Glyphbinder Cover

Her Blood is the Key to Old Power

Kara was thirteen when she learned her mother was dying. Five years later, the last component of her mother’s cure waits in the city of Tarna, but that is one journey she may not survive.

Even as a Glyphbinder, a wielder of blood glyphs created by a people long dead, Kara is no match for the madman that hunts her or the dark forces at his beck and call. As those Kara loves fall one by one, her hunter’s purpose is finally revealed.

Demons thought long defeated stir now in the shadows of her world, seeking a dark power hidden in Kara’s blood. Tireless and without pity, these demons will not be satisfied until they claim Kara’s world … and her soul.

Cover art by Greg Taylor Art (



Demonkin Cover

A Damned Soul Seeking Purpose

For years Jyllith Malconen ended lives and damned souls to avenge her family, only to learn all her victims were innocent. Now others like her, children twisted to hate, raise a new threat. Alone and haunted, Jyllith must infiltrate their Demonkin cult and stop them … even if it costs her soul.

Meanwhile, Kara Honuron’s journey to Tarna has taken its toll on family and friends. Before they can recover, an ancient demon attacks Tarna and scatters those Kara loves. Facing an enemy who seeks her complete destruction, Kara sets out to stop the demons once and for all.

Pitted against each other on converging paths, these two young women will either save the Five Provinces … or doom them to a horrific fate.

Cover art by Greg Taylor Art (



Bloodmender Cover

Challenged by Darkness and Light

Abducted by demons, Sera Valence damned herself to save those she loved. Now the queen who claimed her soul has conscripted her into a war she cannot win, against a foe she cannot possibly defeat. Trapped in a realm of madness and torture, Sera must fight for her soul and countless others.

Meanwhile, in the Five Provinces, a golden army from a divine otherworld seeks to unite the world by erasing its people. To stop them, all Kara Honuron must do is become a Soulmage, restore the power of her sleeping gods, and recover the soul of her mortal enemy … a woman who does not want to be found.

Two friends must wage two wars, one against the darkness and one against the light, yet victory offers no salvation, only sacrifice. And defeat means the end of every soul in the Five Provinces.

Cover art by Greg Taylor Art (